Wednesday, September 28, 2011

PLN Blog Challenge – Compare and Contrast

I love the idea, that is being passed around, of a PLN blog challenge.  The directions are simple:  choose two pictures and compare and contrast them.  

I'm cheating (sorry!) and using three pictures.  I love going back and looking at pictures of my three favorite people; Gavin, Autumn and Evan.  For those of you that know me, you know who they are.  For those of you that don't, can you figure out who they are and how they are related by looking at the pictures?  They are all the same age (7 months) in each picture.  




Who do you think these people are?
Why do you think they are important me?
What do you think the three pictures have in common?
What do you think is different about the three pictures?
What are the characteristics that make them the same/different?

For those of you that are new to the blogging/twitter world, this would be a good ice breaker!!  Are you ready to take the challenge?

Others who have taken the challenge:  

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