Saturday, November 2, 2013

Celebrating Halloween

Discover. Play. Build.

I hope everyone had a very safe and fun Halloween this past week!  The weather had the potential for becoming dangerous on Trick or Treat night here, so the time was changed to ensure everyone remained safe.  Despite the rain, my three children had a blast dressing up and collecting candy!  This is the first year all three of my children really understood the concept of Trick or Treat.  There was lots of strategizing and plotting that happened.  It only took skipping one house without their lights off for my kids to scope out the houses with lights on, and plan that we would only be knocking on those doors.  It  makes my heart happy when I step back and watch my three children interact with each other.  My daughter, Autumn, is the middle child, but she does not hesitate to become the ring leader of the crew.  Gavin, my oldest, is very methodical and strategic and he will take her plans and find a focused, organized approach.  Then there comes the youngest of the crew, Evan, who ignores the plan and charges in with his own ideas.  Gavin and Autumn are always on the look out to protect Evan from doing something that would be dangerous, but are never far behind in joining in with his crazy ideas. Watching this process of interactions happen while collecting candy, dressed as Spiderman, a flower and Yoda, and playing in the rain is definitely a memory I will be celebrating for years to come.  

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