Wednesday, March 5, 2014

SOLC Day 5: Sick Day

Yesterday, I received a phone call around noon that my oldest was sick and wanted to be picked up from school.  I quickly left my school to find a happy little boy sitting on a cot in the nurses office at his school.  I knew the smile was just an act because he had been complaining about an upset stomach for the past 24 hours.  When we got home, he ended up sleeping for over four hours while I caught up on some of my reading.  That was such a peaceful time for me as I could just sit and read while also watching him sleep.  

Today, the oldest still wasn't feeling well and my youngest woke up complaining about an upset stomach as well.  My husband quickly volunteered to stay home with all three kids because he knows how hard it is for me to miss work. When I got home from teaching tonight, not only were my kids happy and excited to tell me about their day with daddy, but our house was immaculate!  The dishes were washed and put away, the floors were swept and mopped, every inch of the house was disinfected and all of the laundry was put away.  My husband knows I would rather spend my time playing with the kids and reading than I would cleaning, so for him to clean everything was a huge relief to me.  

Tonight, all three children are feeling much better.  They were able to have a glow in the dark bath, which provided us with almost an hour of solid giggles.  I hate seeing my children sick, but sometimes a sick day is just what the doctor ordered. 

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  1. Wow! How did you find a husband like THAT? I love my husband to pieces, but he tends to want a parade and cheerleaders for taking out the garbage. Seriously, though ~ this is a perfect snippet of the life of a mother, father, sick kids and a teacher. I used to quince when a child was sick, but once home with him, I savored it.