Sunday, March 2, 2014

SOLC: Disconnected

Everything in my life feels so disconnected at this point and time.  I'm hoping that by blogging daily in the month of March, I will be able to begin reflecting and connecting the pieces of my life back together.  I have had people tell me many times that every yes also equals a no.  Lately, it seems as though I have been telling my family no more than yes.  It's difficult for me to cut back on school when I am so passionate about what I do for school.  Typing that makes me feel so horribly guilty, because shouldn't I be more passionate about my family than I am about my job?  My focus for this Slice of Life Challenge is to make more time to say yes to my family.  I want to take time to enjoy the small moments and begin to say yes to so many more larger moments along the way.  

My small moment for the day was my four year old daughter proudly announcing that she got ready all on her own...just like mommy!  As I turned around she was wearing a beautiful shade of lipstick.  This lipstick just so happened to be heavily coating her eyelids.  After taking her picture (I'm a firm believer in teenage blackmail), I helped her wash her face and talked to her about all the reasons that she is beautiful.  She told me that a smile and happiness is what makes her beautiful, but makeup makes her a big girl like mommy.  


  1. It is so hard to strike a balance between school and family. I think it comes with the territory of our choice of career. We are teachers because we are so passionate, but it is so hard to give equal time. My kids are older (my oldest is actually at your school) than yours, and I find myself wishing I had spent more time in my Mommy role when they were younger. Give yourself permission to separate your roles and you won't regret it. Trust me, nobody will fault you for it.

    1. Thank you for such a heartfelt response. Your oldest is actually one of the students I was talking to at the science fair yesterday (from my first SOL post). :-)

  2. You will NEVER regret all the moments, big and small, that you said yes to your family! But, I do get it! I loved when Penny Kittle said, "When you love what you do as much as I do, it's not work." and I would add it's almost impossible to put down what you love! Sorry Steph my kids are 20 and 17 and I still wait till they're "busy" to pop open the lap top, It just happens they're busy more often now!

    PS you are right no girls NEEDS makeup but for some of us it sure is fun!!!

  3. Such a sweet, sweet small moment for the day! Balance is hard. I am a single teacher with no children, and the thought of adding either a partner or a child to my life completely freaks me out! Our jobs are so demanding and no matter how hard I try and how much better my organization gets, I still devote WAY too much time (mentally and physically) to my work. I love it, but I still know this is NOT what life is supposed to be! Ahh! I hear ya -- hope the writing brings you some clarity!!

  4. Balance between work and home is difficult and in the end so necessary. I love the small moment you shared about your daughter. You will never regret time you put aside to be with the people you cherish.

  5. Oh goodness the balance. I think you nicely balanced your post! A little conflict, a little humor and rounded out with a nice lesson in the end. I really have to say I didn't see the lipstick on the eyelids coming, but then wham, there it was right in my head. I imagined a big happy proud smile on her face too. You must be doing a great job balancing that mother duty if she wasn't afraid to share her new artform with you.